Another celebrity costume idea: David Bowie

Don't hate me 'cause you ain't me

Don’t hate me ’cause you ain’t me


It’s time for me to write about David Bowie, AKA the best person in the universe. For real. I love him.


Yes, Bowie. We will be getting married.

While you’re preparing for your Bowie costume, listen to this song:

To be Aladdin Sane this year–one of Bowie’s most popular personas–you’ll need the following:

  • A red mullet wig (yeah, that’s the problem with being an androgynous rockstar)
  • A funky tight white dress
  • Some rockin’ seventies boots (I got mine at Plato’s Closet)
  • The confidence of a true legend

To pull off Bowie’s facial makeup, you will need the following:

  • Primer. Duh. Gotta keep that stuff in place.
  • A REALLY light foundation color. Put on the lightest foundation swatch which will match your skin tone. Also, make sure to add this foundation over your eyebrows since Aladdin Sane appears to have none in his images. Kinda like how Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows.
  • A reddish, pinkish, kind of purple blush. I suggest Tarte’s “Blushing Bride” swatch or MAC’s “Stubborn” blush. You will need to apply this blush to your highly paled face on the cheekbones–but make sure it reaches close to your mouth and is brushed out toward the side of your face. Also, apply it to your temples thickly. Don’t forget about the bottom of your chin, either.
  • A red eyeshadow. For a subtler look, I would recommend MAC’s “Daydreaming” shadow. To be super bold, definitely go for Make Up For Ever’s “Cold Red” shadow.
  • As far as your lipstick goes, make it an orange with gold shimmer, if possible. I really dig MAC’s Morange tinted lipglass. Awesome.

Okay, the outfit and the makeup are simple enough, but getting that lightning bolt perfected is going to be difficult. You’ll definitely want to practice, my friends. Try using a light eyeliner pencil first to perfect the lightning bolt. I would recommend using a liquid eyeshadow in red, blue, and white. As long as you have the face primer on, you’ll have them set in place. Add powder (an opaque kind) just in case.

Here’s a picture of me as Bowie two years ago:

measbowieAt the time, I obviously had no desire for a smartphone. Haha. Also, I didn’t have a lot of money so I didn’t use any of the brands I recommended earlier. However, I know them by heart now so take my advice, children.

How does fashion shibe feel?




30. October 2013 by mconboy
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