Halloween Costume Idea: Annie Hall (Or Annie Halloween…?)

anniehallAw…it’s Annie Hall…so precious, eccentric, and–of course–fashionable! Diane Keaton has influenced many with her fashion sense, which essentially stems from the professional business attire of a man and–in my opinion–has certain qualities of a horseback rider. (Not sure why; could be the boots.) Either way, if you have friends who are experts in classic movies, Annie Hall is a superior Halloween choice. Even Kate Moss appreciates the Annie Hall look:


See the resemblance? (Kate Moss shows more skin, that’s the only difference!)

For this post, I want to dedicate it to Annie Hall’s attire in the popular movie. Here’s a basic rundown of what you will need:


  • Button up long sleeve white shirt
  • Black vest
  • Tailored khakis
  • Polka dot tie
  • Black fedora
  • A brown purse or satchel
  • A camera
  • The classic Annie Hall sunglasses
  • Adorable oxfords
  • A wig (if you aren’t a blonde)

 This is an awesome classic television icon Halloween idea. The movie was so great that Blur wrote a song which includes a part of it…”Annie Hall leaves New York in the end; press rewind, and Woody gets her back again…” This song is called “Look Inside America” and it’s by Blur (PS: Damon Albarn is super dreamy.) Enjoy:


this shibe took me too long to make



22. October 2013 by mconboy
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