Nail polish colors for the fall

Hi loves! With fall here, I figured it would be a good idea to get some new nail polish color ideas. Although it’s November, winter isn’t here yet, so I figured it would be a good idea to use some of the best fall colors for this year.

For reds, I like these ideas:

Let them have Polish!Metallic Gradient

Half Moon



bee style

DIY Nail Tips


Base Coat: Nail RX - Stuck On You  Base Colour: Manhattan - Lemonade (my favourite yellow evvaaah)  Sponged colour: Deborah - Sunset cocktail  Black & White: Acrylic Paints  Top Coat: Models Own - 3 In 1

Gradient and glitter on Flickr.I am not happy with this. My nail skills are failing at the moment.


Money Nails

Holy Manicures: June 2012


Oh, by the way, if you spray Pam on your nails they will dry quicker. Never tried it out but I would love to find out!

PS, this one is just cool:

The ultimate love for teris





05. November 2013 by mconboy
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