Better, cheaper, and healthier fashion alternatives

Hello, loves! I’m writing this blog about smarter, wiser, healthier, and more financially-friendly ways to be as fashionable as possible. I’m sharing my list of ‘better choices’ with you all on here, so hopefully you’ll enjoy.

Two excellent, easy, and healthy McDonald’s breakfast choices:


(Both yummy!)

Digging through the Anthropologie Sale Section:


This shirt is super cute and I bought it on sale for $29.95. It was originally $58.00. If you view the website, it received great reviews. There was a hole in it, unfortunately, but I managed to sew it. It’s a very beautiful shirt; I thought it really flattered my skin tone, eye color, and hair color.

The shirt is beautiful, especially if you’re into bohemian fashion like I am.

Target Bottoms Vs. Other Retailers


Oh, no–I succumbed to jeggings! But listen, these are super comfortable and flattering. As an avid hater of wearing jeans (I can never find a flattering pair that isn’t over $120.00) I opted for these jeggings from Target. Very affordable, very comfortable, and highly recommended. $27.99 is a small price to pay for something which will be warm and worn often this winter. 

What I am in NEED of: Cheap Infinity Scarves


Price: $9.90


Price: $9.90 (MUST PURCHASE THIS.)


Price: $8.00


Price: $6.99

Leave it to Etsy to sell some of the cheapest, cutest clothing around. Must. Have. Infinity. Scarf. STAT!

I’m trying hard to keep my finances under control and my life healthier overall, and I think these ways will help quite a bit. So does fashion shibe!



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A Review of Maybelline’s Fit Blush

Fit Me® BlushIf you’re anything like me, you enjoy high-quality, super-expensive makeup. I’m sorry; I suppose I truly have fallen into the mindset that the more expensive an item is, the better it will ultimately be.

Well, although I would take Tarte’s blush over Maybelline, I’m pretty satisfied with a recent blush I purchased from a drug store brand.

Maybelline’s Fit Me® blush left me surprised. I initially purchased it since I had forgotten my blush at home and planned on sleeping over my boyfriend’s apartment (which is twenty minutes away), so I caught a glimpse of the product and the affordable price and decided, “Why not take a chance?” I’m glad I did. I purchased it in the ‘medium pink’ swatch and it has worked very well for me so far. Here is a list of reasons why I like it:

  •     It’s super affordable. I mean, five bucks for blush is a great deal.
  •     It comes with a super convenient brush, which applies the blush perfectly.
  •     It has somewhat of a highlighting effect, making your skin look more radiant.

If you’re in need of a cheap yet quality blush, I suggest Maybelline. I feel I had good results with it.


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There’s a brand new dance but I don’t know its name


There’s a brand new dance

But I don’t know its name

That people from bad homes

Do again and again

It’s big and it’s bland

Full of tension and fear

They do it over there but we don’t do it here

Fashion! Turn to the left

Fashion! Turn to the right

Oh, fashion!

We are the goon squad

And we’re coming to town



Listen to me – don’t listen to me

Talk to me – don’t talk to me

Dance with me – don’t dance with me, no


There’s a brand new talk,

But it’s not very clear

That people from good homes

Are talking this year

It’s loud and tasteless

And I’ve heard it before

You shout it while you’re dancing

On the whole dance floor

Oh bop—fashion

Listen to me – don’t listen to me

Talk to me – don’t talk to me

Dance with me – don’t dance with me, no



Oh—bop, do do do do do do do do


Oh—bop, do do do do do do do do

Fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion La-la la la la la la-la

Gotta love fashion. Today, I’m sporting a Marilyn Monroe shirt with a pair of black comfortable pants which were both purchased from Target. It seems as though iconic celebrity shirts are in style. Here are just a few examples:

Marilyn Monroe

Audrey Hepburn

PS — I own this shirt! Love it!


David Bowie


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Product lifesavers

Have you ever been in a tremendous rush? Lemme tell ya, I sure have. In times where I am really running late, I like to use the following products:



Not a lot of people out there like iced coffee or lattes too much this time of year, but I sure do! I came across this yesterday and drank it this morning. So. Delicious. It really is! Unfortunately my boyfriend helped himself to a majority of it. Pfft…


If you’re anything like me, you trip and fall and scratch your face more than you’d like to. Oh, and my knees aren’t looking so great, either. Well–vitamin e is a true lifesaver. It’s excellent to promote skin health and blah blah blah.


This would be Benefit’s “Total Moisture” moisturizer. It’s a facial cream. Oh, it’s also a miracle. Forget about dry patches this upcoming winter: Benefit’s total moisture cream shall conquer all.

I will never understand why, but these wipes from CVS NEVER make my skin break out. I can wipe off all of my makeup with this handy lttle facial cleanser. It’s five dollars to have a fresh face–gotta love it!

And finally…


She uses Vaseline!

Vaseline is highly underrated. You can use it as a lip moisturizer but more importantly, this stuff wipes off your eye makeup IMMEDIATELY.

So, fashion shibe had puppies and she let me ask them for their opinion this time. Here you go.



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Outrageous fashion

Hey loves, since it’s Friday I figured I would give this blog a little change. I’m going to start off with outrageous fashion trends.

Let’s take this purse by Chanel, for example. (PS – thanks Jen for sending me this!) You could fit about five Chihuahuas in there.

the blonds


LEAVE TWEETIE ALONE. Or is it big bird? No clue, honestly.

Is there a point to this? Is this supposed to be modern art with models used instead of actual drawings?

Vogue Daily — Nicki Minaj, 2011



missy elliot



Madonna, why?!

katy perry

This is more like a costume than anything else.

So there you have it! That’s some good old fashioned entertainment to end the day with.

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Preparing for winter

Hello, loves! The winter is approaching and I can tell. I have had to wear my coat all day today at work because I’ve been so cold. This lead me to this blog post idea on fashionable finds for the winter (which still have a functional value).

Knit beanies and hats

I think that this knit hat is super flattering! Look at that gigantic flower gracefully flowing with the model’s side bangs…in short, I want this so bad.

A long coat

This long coat is pretty cute, isn’t it? It almost looks like a dress. The pockets are detailed very well, too.


Yes, Abe Lincoln socks exist. I’m not sure if it’s because I lost my mind or because I totally dig these, but I would absolutely wear them.


One of my favorite parts about winter is the sophistication. These gloves are sophisticated in both color and style.


So these boots might look a little less than warm but they’re a lot better than flip flops. I really like ankle booties, and these have a cool zipper design to them.

Winter is coming up, so save your money for your winter wardrobe! I know I will be for a few of these fashionable finds.

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Inexpensive fashion and beauty trends

Hello, loves! Unfortunately I have found myself in a bit of a financial downfall due to a bunch of different things. Lately, I’ve been spending time looking for excellent values, which I have been able to accomplish. (Yay!)

One of my favorite stores, H&M, sells some really nice dresses at a super cheap price. I recently purchased this dress from H&M in Center City and I love it:

I also had some luck at Burlington Coat Factory.

I am typically a huge snob when it comes to makeup, but recently I came across an outstanding drug store eyeshadow by Revlon. It’s called Diamond Lust eye shadow, which I bought in Plum Galaxy. However, I’m digging this silver color, too:

Pretty glamorous, huh? For roughly three dollars, it truly does the job. (I would suggest eye primer though, but this goes for any eyeshadow.)

I also purchased NYC IndividualEyes Custom compact which is truly awesome. It was only five dollars, too! Anyway, this eyeshadow is meant to bring out your specific eye color, which I believe it does.

In my opinion, the two colors to the right really serve well as highlighters for your shadow.

These four items have been excellent so far. They were intelligent purchases which didn’t make my wallet unhappy.


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Dressin’ like Jesse this Halloween

Hello, loves! Well, Breaking Bad just ended *deep sigh* and Halloween is around the corner. I figured I would dedicate this post to two of my favorite things: Breaking Bad (specifically Jesse Pinkman) and Halloween.
Dressing like Jesse Pinkman might seem like a weird idea for a woman’s costume, but if you appreciate his character as much as I do, it can be a pretty cool idea. It’s simple enough, and you’ll even have statement pieces to wear later on in life.
Things I would recommended:
1. A black tank top
2. A yellow hoodie or piece of outerwear (I personally really like this one from US Trendy)
3. Baggy pants
4. A beanie (this is a good one from Luxury Divas)
5. High top white sneakers
6. A chain necklace
Jesse Halloween costume


Jesse Halloween costume by mconboy featuring baggy jeans

D G top

Superdry jacket

ONLY baggy jeans
$83 -

Balenciaga sneaker

Fallon bike chain link bracelet

H M hat
$11 -
Let’s discuss Fashion Shibe’s thoughts:

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A Jim Thorpe Wedding

Hello, loves! Over the weekend, I went to the wedding that I had discussed in previous blog posts. It was absolutely beautiful! I want to congratulate Shaun and Tiffany Lynch on their beautiful wedding and official marriage.

The wedding venue was held in Jim Thorpe, a lovely area in the Pocono Mountains. Here is a picture of the trees up in these mountains—they alone are gorgeous.