Three fashion finds for winter

With mid-November here and the fast-paced, freezing-cold winds darting recklessly in every direction, all I can say is one thing: I need warm clothes.

Sad Baby

Then I start to feel like this here baby.

I have had my eye on some warm weather clothing. Here are just a few things I’ve had some interest in.

These harem pants for $15.80 – AKA unbeatable (Thanks Forever 21)

This sweater with lace is the ultimate way of saying I’m cool and fancy all at once.

I am digging the coolness of this jacket from Free People…just simply digging it:

The winter has been chilly here in New Jersey so I am trying to come up with interesting fashion finds. These three items seem to be pretty warm. I’m especially loving the harem pants which are under sixteen dollars–what a steal!


13. November 2013 by mconboy
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